John Himmelstein

criminal defense attorney based out of Boston, Massachusetts

John Himmelstein is a criminal defense attorney based out of Boston, Massachusetts. With over thirty years of professional experience, he cares passionately about the law, his clients, and his country. Growing up in the North Shore area of Boston, he describes himself as a late bloomer who was “never really good at anything except running his big mouth.” Destined to be a lawyer, he attended college in his home state before establishing his practice in 1988. Despite building a solid reputation in his community, his career has not come without its challenges. After navigating several low points in his life, he now plans to relocate to the Carolinas, where he intends to start a new practice. As a self-motivated individual, John Himmelstein hopes to offer sound advice to those looking for legal help.

An In-depth Look at Criminal Law With John Himmelstein

A criminal defense attorney can help keep innocent people from facing legal consequences. By protecting individuals and companies safe from legal action, justice can be protected. A criminal defense lawyer like John Himmelstein can support the law by defending clients.

John Himmelstein Relishes The Daily Routine of a Trial Lawyer

A trial lawyer like John Himmelstein can experience hectic workdays. While an average day for a trial lawyer can span from 8 to 12 hours, a large chunk of that time is devoted to research.

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